Retirement Plans

Services for Boards, Finance/Investment/Retirement Plan Committees, Business Principals and Participants

The all-encompassing approach undertaken by the Fiduciary Investment Group at OPA - whether we are acting as a consultant, advisor or investment fiduciary for your retirement plan(s) – serves each of the listed groups with a focused approach.

For participants, we provide one-on-one advice investment advice, financial planning services, and educational seminars on a wide variety of topics.

For boards, committees, principals and owners we provide fiduciary advice regarding investment lineups, platform searches, education and communication and ERISA-related issues that limits their liability.

Endowments and Foundations

Services for Boards and Finance/Investment Committees

OPA provides consulting services to organizations that are looking to hire outside investment managers for their portfolios. With so many board and committee members being volunteers, we are committed to running manager searches that help minimize the time and impact that a search can have on a board/committee member`s schedule. We`ll prepare the Request For Proposal (RFP), analyze and filter the RFP responses, report on key metrics, assist the committee with its selection and handle all of the communication with the bidders for finals presentations and passing along both the news to the bid winners and the other RFP participants.

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