Trust Services

Although we do not serve in the capacity of a trustee for our clients due to the inherent conflicts of interest, we do work closely with a number of trust and estate attorneys who serve as Trustee while we manage and custody the investments. We also partner with a number of independent trust companies that serve in the capacity of corporate trustee for our clients’ trusts. This is yet another example of how we wok in tandem with other professionals to streamline our clients’ financial lives…to make things easier.

Beneficiaries of trusts do have choices, but sometimes it’s hard to recognize them. Some trusts are very restrictive; others are more flexible in terms of who manages assets and/or who serves as the trustee(s) of the trust. We can help determine what options are available and leverage our established relationships with a number of national, fully independent trust administrators to help meet our clients trust services needs.

*Old Port Advisors does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | 207.774.6552 | 800.605.6552

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