Sudden Wealth

For most individuals and families, building up savings is a long and steady process. In other instances, a person can have a sudden influx of cash or assets which dramatically changes their financial picture.

Business Sale – for many of our business owner clients, their business is often their largest financial asset which holds additional sentimental value. When you sell your interest in your business it is important to have a plan in place to help navigate the transition into this next phase of life.

Inheritance – Inheriting money can often be a bittersweet moment. It depends on the nature of the relationship, but if the money is coming from the passing of close relative it can create mixed feelings in most clients.

Lottery – Congratulations on your big win! This is the windfall you have been waiting for, or is it? With a large lottery win comes a lot of unexpected attention from family, friends, and others who want in on a piece of the prize.

If you find yourself in a Sudden Wealth situation it is important to remember to be cautious of initial spending and take your time deciding on how you would like to utilize these funds. With large sums it may require significant considerations in estate planning and charitable giving.

We will work with you and the other members of your financial team (accountants, attorneys) to develop an investment plan which is designed to ensure that your Sudden Wealth is placed in an effective strategy to last for years to come.

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