Tracy Rogers

Tracy Rogers

Vice President - Senior Wealth Advisor

Tracy joined Old Port Advisors in 2004 as a Portfolio Manager specializing in Wealth Management. Offering more than 15 years experience as a Financial Advisor, he manages individual portfolios and provides advises several retirement plans. Tracy specializes in wealth management and financial planning concepts and works closely with Old Port Advisors clients and staff to implement them.

Tracy spends a good portion of his time teaching these concepts to participant groups in retirement plans and has developed an education model that makes Old Port Advisors unique. In addition to overseeing wealth management, Tracy is part of senior management and the Investment Policy Committee.

Tracy started his career at American Express Financial Advisors and was an Advisor Coach before going independent in 2002. He attended Colorado State University where he studied business. Tracy lives in Yarmouth with his wife Shawna and their children, Caeden, Tristen and Torrey and enjoys coaching their various youth league teams.

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