1st Quarter 2019


Bungee Bounce-Back Bull…  FREDRIC W. WILLIAMS

Thought to be in need of life-support during the 4 th quarter 2018’s decline, the domestic equity market’s version of the raging bull (not the 1980 film adapted from Jake LaMotta’s memoir, starring Robert De Niro), none-the-less, stumbled into the new year, turned 10 years old and proceeded to claw back almost all of the last quarter’s decline during the first three months of 2019.

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Domestic and Global Market Recap...  FRANCIS J. DAVIES, III

As 2018 ended, three months ago, the financial markets were declining on disappointing economic data and low inflation in several key regions. The US was in the middle of the longest government shutdown in its history and its trade policy was creating tension with important trading partners.

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DOL Target Date Guidance, 5 Years Later…  STEPHEN L. EDDY

Target date funds hold and invest over $1 trillion in assets, and according to JP Morgan, they account for 85%+ of all new contributions to 401(k) plans. With these funds comes a fiduciary responsibility that requires a little more attention than the typical advisor provides. A little over six years ago, the DOL issued a publication called “Target Date Retirement Funds – Tips for ERISA Plan Fiduciaries”. The document listed eight “tips” for plan sponsors to use in evaluating the proper TDF for their retirement plans.

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Grandparent Owned 529 Plans...  TRACY ROGERS

As most people are scrambling to get their taxes done, many parents with college age children were scrambling to get their Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) filed as well. Those parents may be also scrambling to find the funds to pay for college. Some of the more fortunate students have had their grandparents start a Section 529 plan for their college funding. While this is a great benefit, it can impact potential financial aid for the student.

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Save The Dates:

We’re entering the time of year when a variety of non-profit organizations begin their annual fundraising efforts so they can continue to enhance the fabric of our community. Although by no means complete, the events below are but a sampling of the organizations that our firm, employees, colleagues and clients are involved with, should you want to consider supporting their missions.

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